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Contributive Value (CV) Pilot Program Update
Exciting Milestone Reached: Pilot Enrollment Fulfilled

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached our capacity for the initial wave of our Contributive Value (CV) platform pilot program. This remarkable milestone brings together a diverse group of pioneering organizations, including technology companies, manufacturers, colleges, and universities. Their participation underscores the wide-ranging appeal and applicability of our innovative AI/DEI workplace engagement approach.

Next Steps: Join Our Waiting List 

Recognizing the tremendous interest in our CV platform, we are now offering a waiting list for organizations interested in participating in the next group. This waiting list opportunity allows your organization to be at the forefront of the next wave of workplace engagement transformation.

What Sets CV Apart?

  • Our platform redefines traditional workplace practices, such as performance reviews, DEI, recognition and rewards and replacement of workers by AI machines:

  • Integrating Pay Based on Impact: S-BES introduced a shared wealth creation strategy, ensuring employee pay is linked to their contribution to the organization. This approach not only enhances DEI but strengthens it by placing performance as the key driver for all employees.
  • Balancing AI and Human Interactions: CV provides guiding principles on effectively balancing AI technologies with human interactions, ensuring a harmonious integration that benefits both employees and operational efficiencies.
  • Community Engagement: Our platform emphasizes the importance of interactions with the communities where your organization operates, fostering a positive impact beyond the workplace.

Why Join the Waiting List?

By joining our waiting list, your organization gains the opportunity to:

  • Be among the first to access future openings in our pilot program.
  • Influence the ongoing development of the CV platform, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of industries like yours.
  • Leverage a pioneering workplace AI/DEI platform that goes beyond traditional measures, focusing on performance, shared wealth creation, and community engagement.

Your Opportunity to Lead in DEI and Workplace Engagement Innovation

While our current pilot cohort is full, your early interest and registration on our waiting list position your organization as a leader eager to embrace innovative AI Workplace and DEI solutions. You will be standing alongside an esteemed group of organizations that are setting new benchmarks in workplace inclusivity, equity, and performance-driven culture.

Do not Miss Out on the Next Wave

To join the waiting list and stay informed about future opportunities to participate in the CV platform pilot, please visit our website. Your initiative-taking CV approach to AI, workplace engagement and DEI will not only transform your organization but also contribute to shaping more equitable and inclusive workplaces across industries.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of DEI

Your commitment to AI, Workplace Engagement and DEI innovation is crucial to building a better future for all employees and society as whole. By joining our waiting list, you are taking a significant step toward realizing this vision. We look forward to welcoming you into the next phase of our journey together.

Join Our Waiting List

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