Other Services

We customize our solutions and tools to address your organization’s unique challenges, culture and needs.

In addition to our keystone workplace inclusion strategy, we offer a full range of consultation and business analysis services, as well as entrepreneur training and curriculum development.

Team Development

Analyze and optimize teams
  • Assist in creation of balanced and effective teams by uncovering hidden individual and team behavioral characteristics
  • Help individuals and teams develop and increase trustful behavior and interactions
  • Improve communication between individuals and teams




DEI Skill Development Trainings

Provide data-driven and values driven customized DEI Learning Modules:
  • Teach historical, current, and future DEI contextual framework(s) Includes, race, gender, technology, labor, wealth, class and beliefs
  • Personal, team, and organizational DEI workplace engagement assessment
  • Teach sustainable foundational modules: (Insight, Trust, Cultural Candor, Overcoming Resistance to Change, DEI Sustainable change, and Accountability Measures
  • How to conduct Race – Courageous Conversations
  • All in The Family: How to Recruit, Retain and Develop Diverse Talent


Human Centric AI Assessment and Strategies

  • Inclusive humane AI design, development, pilot, launch and feedback considerations
  • Identifying algorithmic bias – The bright and dark side of AI
  • Develop AI strategies and partnerships for organization meritocracy
  • AI contributive value wealth transition strategies – A win/win approach for business, employees, and society


Interim Executive and Managerial Services

Provide inspired interim executive leadership
  • Provide leadership for large or small organizations in public, private, or nonprofit sector
  • Motivate individuals and teams to perform beyond stated objectives
  • Effectively interface with and/or present to community groups, government, educational institutions, and other groups
  • Provide culturally-sensitive leadership, mentoring sessions and presentations


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