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The CV Journey: A Core of S/BES Philosophy

Embarking on the CV journey, S/BES introduces a workplace engagement model grounded in the Contributive Value (CV) framework. The CV journey is an odyssey from foundational inclusive organizational principles to the strategic implementation of AI and DEI, enhancing the collective impact of individual contributions across organizations. 

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Our Approach: Dynamic, Practical, and High-Performance

S/BES is not anchored to academic methodology alone but is rooted in the practical application of strategies in the actual work environment. Recognizing that an organization’s system has a profound impact on its individuals, S/BES focuses on reforming and/or optimizing the very fabric of a company’s culture to be a consistent high performing organization. This metamorphosis is achieved by redefining roles, amplifying responsibilities, and instilling a profound level of commitment at the executive leadership level.

Cultivating an Empowered Workforce

Our CV workplace engagement model is meticulously crafted to ensure every employee is equipped to face the volatility and complexity of today’s business landscape. It’s an ecosystem that fosters wealth creation while ensuring everyone thrives. Our commitment extends to building a culture of transparency and inclusivity, where open, candid dialogues are the norm, and the fear of retaliation is obsolete.

Inclusivity, Meritocracy, AI and Humanity at Our Core

In the S/BES environment, every voice is valued, especially those from under-represented groups. We are committed to organizational mission impact and a balanced humane AI engagement, not just within the confines of the workplace, but extending into the broader community involving customers, students, stakeholders, and beyond. 

Diverse Clients, Unified by Vision & Guiding Principles

S/BES is proud to serve a diverse clientele, from global high-tech industries, universities/colleges to healthcare and government sectors. The unifying thread among all is the vision to embrace a workplace that is as diverse in thought as it is in action, driven by leaders who are ready to chart a course for the future that is performance-based and addresses the current and future human and organizational challenges.

S/BES: Building the future of work, one contribution at a time.

Join us on the CV journey and be part of the transformation that redefines not just what it means to work, but what it means to create organizational value and be tangibly rewarded and recognized for your Contributive Value.

Rod Brown, S/BES Founder

Championing Contributive Value in a World Fueled by AI and Inclusion

Rod Brown, a Contributive Value (CV) framework creator with over 30 years of executive experience, is not just navigating the future of work – he’s building it. He has spent his whole career in a variety of roles experience creating strategies that blended process management and cultural diversity to drive breakthrough innovations and profits. Today, as founder and managing partner of S/BES (Societal & Business Enterprise Solutions), Rod shows organizations how to thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and provides a unifying pathway for current Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) organizations by championing CV—a groundbreaking approach that unlocks innovation and profits through an inclusive focus on ALL people, their transparent contributions, and the work itself. 

Gone are the days of rigid hierarchies, judging people strictly by their identities/ideological viewpoints, and siloed divisive structures. S/BES believes in dynamic, high-performing organizations where employees are equipped to handle volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity (also known as VUCA) while sharing in the wealth-creation rewards of their success based on the organization transparent CV impact. Rod and his team know that changing a culture starts from within, with deep commitment from leadership and adjustments to roles and responsibilities that unleash the full potential of every individual. 

From global high-tech firms to healthcare, colleges/universities, and government agencies, S/BES’s diverse clientele sees the power of CV. It is more than a buzzword; it is a proven path to: 

  • Increased employee engagement and productivity 
  • Enhanced innovation and problem-solving 
  • Reduced turnover and a stronger employer and employee brand 
  • Unleashing the collective potential of a diverse workforce 

Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

Build a future where everyone contributes, thrives, and shares in success. Contact S/BES today—let's embark on your CV journey together.