Workplace Inclusion

We provide a uniquely powerful workplace inclusion strategy that spurs organization-wide growth and inspires meaningful, sustained change

Diversity and inclusion programs have been around for years, but despite their best efforts, companies are still struggling with how to bring about real and lasting change. One thing is clear as we look around at the troubling incidents and disparities that persist in workplaces across the country: traditional, one-off videos and presentations are not working.

Change doesn’t occur in a vacuum!

Positive, organization-wide change cannot occur when employees and leaders behave based on unconscious fears and assumptions, distrust each other and clients, are afraid to share thoughts and feelings for fear of repercussions or shaming, and are unable to communicate across established company divisions.

What’s different about our approach?

S/BES creates the foundation necessary for change to occur. We know that the roots of personal and institutional bias run deep and that a multi-faceted approach to change starting with the individual is essential. Accordingly, we offer six strategic learning modules, presented by nationally-recognized experts, that are designed to remove barriers to change and create the kind of transparent, trustful work environments in which necessary, adaptive change can occur.

The Six Modules for DEI/AI accountability and sustainability

Only by first establishing a foundation for change, starting with the individual, can organizations achieve sustainable workplace inclusion.

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